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Can you make a profit selling Beretta clothing on eBay?

That’s what I wanted to know when I stumbled upon a Beretta pullover in Goodwill for the first time. I normally tend to make my way through the racks of clothing rather quickly, but I could tell immediately that this was a quality item as soon as I felt it. 

So, then l looked at the tag and saw the brand was Beretta, which is nothing I had never heard of before.

Oh wait, I think I did hear that before a very long time ago in an R. Kelly song.

But another thing on the tag caught my eye, “100% Wool,” which more time than not, is always a good seller. That’s when I did what I always do. I used the eBay app on my iPhone to pull up the completed listings to see what these Beretta wool pullovers were selling for. Here’s what I found:

Boom, another profitable item to add to our Thrifteo Closet!

Immediately when you see that a few of these are going for over $50 bucks, you know it’s an item worth buying. 

I think the key here is that the pullover is 100% wool. Buyers on eBay love their wool clothing. 

What is the Beretta brand?

I didn’t know much about the company so I did some research, and wow! They are an Italian firearms brand that was founded in the 1500s. They’re mainly known for firearms, I believe, but they sell clothing and accessories as well. 

These guys have been around for a long time! This got me wondering, “Hmm, do they have any other items within their brand that could be profitable to resell?”

Let’s do a few more eBay searches to find out:

Very nice! The shirts sell very well too. Yet another gem to make a mental note of. 

Meh. The hats are selling, but not for a whole lot of money. But, I mean, if I were to find one at the thrift store for a buck, I’d probably go ahead and grab it. 

Pullovers, check. Shirts, check. And now pants, check! This whole brand is pretty much worth grabbing up whenever you get a chance. 

So we’ve established that Beretta men’s clothing sells very on eBay. But that leads me to one final question:

Can you make a profit selling women’s Beretta clothing?

I’m a guy, so naturally, I do most (pretty much 99%) of my thrift store shopping in the men’s section. It’s just what I know. 

But I’m curious, though, if women’s clothing of the Beretta brand is selling as good as the men’s?

So again, let’s do what we always do; a quick eBay search of the completed listings:

Not bad.

They’re not quite selling as high as the men’s clothing, but it’s in the range where you’d consider purchasing at the right price. 

Final thoughts

I’m really glad I stumbled upon that one single Beretta wool pullover because now I have a hot new brand in my arsenal. In this article, we established that I’m pretty much going to be scooping up any Beretta articles of clothing I can find from now on.

And I suggest you do the same. Happy hunting.