Tools & Resources

The most recommended tools you need for buying and reselling thrift store items for profit

Readers often ask what tools and resources I use to run my eBay business. So that’s why I created this page as a handy reference. Below you will find the absolute best of the best tools, resources, and materials that help my flipping business run smoothly. If you’re ready to get started buying and selling thrift store items for profit, I know these will help you as well. 

Some of the links below contain affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, I get a commission of the sale, at no extra cost to you.


iPhone 8 (camera)

I’ve now completed shifted how I take photos for my eBay businss. I now only use the camera on my smart phone. No fancy digital cameras anymore. The camera on my iPhone 8 works great! I love it because it makes taking pictures super easy. I just place the item where I want it, pull out my iPhone, and I’m ready to go in a matter on minutes. 

Clip-On LED Light

The secret to taking quality photos is having the right lighting. And unfortunately, the room I take my photos for eBay listings is dark and not well-lit. That’s why I use the Clip-On LED Light. It’s simple, inexpensive, and it gets the job done. It clips right to your iPhone and helps take quality images.

Nikon D3400

It’s definitely not required any longer, but if you don’t own a smart phone or if you’d rather have impeccable quality for your images, then a Nikon D3400 is hard to beat. After doing a lot of research, this one, by far, seems to be an awesome camera for snapping pictures for your eBay listings.

Shipping & Packing Supplies:

Poly Mailers

I save so much time getting ready to ship items by using poly mailers. Since I sell mostly clothing, it’s easy because I can just slip it inside the poly malier, seal it up with the adhesive strip, and I’m good to go in a matter of seconds. I mostly use the 10″x13″ size but try to keep some of the bigger and smaller sizes on hand as well.

Packing Tape

While for most items you sell, you can just stick ’em in the poly mailers and you’re ready to go, but some items will need extra reinforcement which is why you’ll need some good packing tape. You don’t have to get all fancy-pancy with it. Just any tape that is reliable will work just fine. I like to stick with clear tape, however. 

Tape Dispenser

You’ll need this tape dispenser in order to use your packing tape. No need to go out and purchase one of those bulky, expensive ones. This little guy will work just fine, and it’s only a few bucks. It’s the one I use and I like it because it’s small and easy to manuever, whether I’m packing poly mailers, envelopes, or even large boxes. 

Digital Scale

Before you print the shipping label for each item that you sell, you’ll need to know how much it weighs so you can pay the adequate amount for postage. That’s why you need a good, digital scale. I found this little guy and it works just fine. It can weigh up to 15 pounds, which is more than enough for the items I typically sale. 

Bubble Wrap

I sell mostly clothes so I don’t use a ton of bubble wrap, but it is good to keep on hand just in case. Typically, I can just slide the shirt or pants straight into the poly mailer and seal it up, but for the more delicate items, you always want to make sure that they are wrapped and secured before you ship the item. You feedback score will thank you. 

FREE Supplies

USPS logo

Did you know that if you use the USPS for shipping your items, they will send you free shipping supplies? Well now you do! I use the USPS to ship most of the items I sell because it’s simple to just print the labels right from home. It’s also good because they will deliver free boxes, envolopes, and even labels right to your front door for absolutely free.

Printing Supplies:

Shipping Labels

These help me save a tons of time too. The half-sheet shipping labels are fast are easy to use. You just put them in your printer and you’re ready to go. Print off the label right from home and then you can peel and stick it directly onto your package. Then all you have to do is put it in your mail box and you it’s ready to ship. 

Wireless Printer

I switched to a wireless printer and I’m so glad I did. It makes printing my shipping labels so much easier, especially since now I can print them straight from the eBay app on my iPhone. I think the HP Envy 4520 is a great choice. It’s not too expensive (or too cheap) and it does exactly what I need: a reliable way to print labels.

Black Ink

You’ll always want to make sure to keep extra ink for your printer on hand, because it sucks when you’re ready to print labels and you run out. Your buyers won’t appreciates the extra wait while you order more, either. If you go with the printer I use, then you’ll need HP 63xl Black Ink to go along with it. Black is all you really need. 

Online Services:


ebay logo

I guess it goes without saying but for any of this to work, you will need an eBay sellers account of your own. Ebay is where it all began for me. I started selling pokemon cards for spending money in middle school and have continued to list items for sale ever since. To get started flipping thrift store items, setting your eBay account is a must.


paypal logo

Since setting up your eBay account is step number one, it only makes since for step two to be setting up your PayPal account. This is how you will receive payments for the items that you sell on eBay. Then you can easily link your PayPal account to your bank account and tranfers funds back and forth as needed. 

Amazon Prime

I absolutely love Amazon Prime. Not so much for buying/reselling, although that is feasible sometimes, but moreso for finding good deals on the materials I use to run my business. Not only that, but because of the free two-day shipping, I also use it to order most of the everyday items I use around the house. 


ebates logo

I abdolutely freaking love Ebates. Ebates is a tool that allows you to earn cash back for and purchases you may online. You can just add the Ebates extension to your browser so you never miss an opportunity to get free cash back. Sign up through this link and you’ll get a free $10 walmart gift card.


aliexpress logo

I don’t do it a whole lot, but sometimes I like to buy items in bulk and resell them for a profit. When I do, I always use AliExpress. It’s a wholesale company based in China. You can think of it as the Asian version on Amazon. Deals are definitely to be had on AliExpress. For your personal life, and for your business. 


bluehost logo

Are you looking to create a website of your own to share your thrift store finds? Then you will need a good host, and that’s why I like Bluehost. Bluehost make setting up a website easy. You can install WordPress with one click and you ready to go. If you want a reliable host the I definitely recommend Bluehost. 


Macbook Pro

I couldn’t do anything I do without my laptop. My Macbook Pro is my computer of choice for running online busniesses. You really can’t beat a Macbook. They’re  a bit pricey depending on the features that you include, but honestly they’re second to none. This is by far my top choice for laptops. 

Tape Measure

You’ll need a tape measure to provide the measurements of the items you sell within the eBay listings. This is a great tactic that definitely helps your items sell faster. I know for myself, as a buyer on eBay, I won’t even consider purchasing an item without the measurements listed; especially clothing. 

eBay App

ebay app icon

Now it seems like I list just as many items for sale use my mobile phone as I do using my computer. And that’s all thanks to the eBay Mobile App. The eBay app has come along way over the years and now it’s easier than ever to list items straight from your phone. If you take photos with your iPhone, they’re already on there anyway.