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Reselling silk shirts from thrift stores on eBay is a lucrative way to bring in profits for your business.

Ah yes, got to love the good old-fashioned silk shirts. These bad boys sell very, very, well. Unfortunately, it took me years to finally figure this one out, but now that I have, I haven’t looked back.

One day in the thrift store, I was skimming through shirts as I always do, when I happened to brush past an oddly colored long-sleeve silk button-down shirt. 

“Woah,” I thought as I realized how nice it felt to touch. 

I picked up the shirt to look it over more closely. I saw the tag said “100% silk” so I immediately new that’s why it felt the way it did. So I decided to search for others like it on eBay doing a completed listings search. That’s when I discovered how much shirts like this were worth.

I searched:  “vintage silk button shirts“.

Here is a sample of what I saw:


I honestly couldn’t believe something so ugly was selling for so much on eBay. And I’m sorry if you wear shirts such as this and this offends you. I mean no harm. 

I’m just shocked, that’s all.

But lucky for us, we can take advantage of the thousands of people who are buying these shirts for such high prices on eBay.

Another good thing is how easy they are to ship.  The shirts are super lightweight so the shipping costs are very minimum, which also keeps the profits high. All you have to do is slip the shirt into a poly mailer in seconds, slap on the label and stick it in the mailbox. 

We can actually break this silk shirts section up into three categories:

Even though the short sleeve and hawaiian are very similar, we’ll keep them separate for the sake of this article. 

After doing some research, the long sleeve shirts are by far the most profitable. Then the Hawaiian. They also sell very well. And the short sleeve silks shirts are hit and miss. Many of them are profitable, but some I typically leave on the rack.

It really just depends on the brand and style.

Good brands to keep an eye out for:

  1. Ceta Dolce
  2. Ceta Italiana
  3. Gianni Versace
  4. Fay Ward
  5. Polo Ralph Lauren
  6. Genelli
  7. David Carey
  8. Tommy Bahama

Although there are plenty more awesome brands to make money from, these are just a few off the top of my head. 

Tips for buying and reselling silk shirts:

1. Vintage, vintage, vintage. Vintage has, and always will be king! Always keep an eye out for the vintage shirts. They are, by far, worth the most. 

2. Check for marks and pulls. Silk is a very delicate material, so look out for any cuts or pulls on the shirt. Once could automatically decrease the value from $100 to $0. 

3. The uglier, the better. Here I go again offending all my silk-shirt-wearers. But seriously, though. It appears that the silk shirts with the funkiest pattern are by far selling for the most money. Look for the ugly ones. They stand out more and are easier to spot anyway. 

Vintage silk shirt super sellers:

Just for the fun of it, check out how much some of the ultra-rare super selling silk shirts are selling for. It will blow your mind.

Just image finding one of these. Sheesh.

Silk Shirt super sellers:

So now you know how much money you can make by reselling silk shirts on eBay. You’ve seen what brands sell and you know the best tips. You’ve even seen the super sellers. Now all you have to do is make your way to the local thrift store in your city so you can find one to sell.

Just remember, as always, to stay out of my thrift stores! 😉