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Reselling FedEx clothing from thrift stores is a good way to make money online.

I’ll be the first to tell you, I would have never thought you could make a profit reselling the FedEx brand. There is a FedEx company plant in the city where I live, so there always seems to be FedEx articles of clothing in the local thrift stores. And I had been passing it by for months on end. 

One day, there were about five polo-style FedEx shirts that were brand new with tags, and I thought, “what the heck?” I might as well look up the prices in the completed listings. Maybe I could make a buck or two.

To my surprise, these shirts were selling extremely well. They were selling for around $30.


So I listed the shirts on my eBay account. I did the “Buy it Now” option for 30 days, as I normally do. All five of the shirts sold within two days.

I couldn’t believe. 

Apparently, there are hundreds (thousands ?) of FedEx fans or employees out there searching eBay to get new (and used) products. Hey, that’s fine by me. Like I said, this FedEx brand clothing pops up regularly in the thrift stores in my town, so I buy and resell as many as I can. 

What FedEx items sell for profit?

Here are the common FedEx items to look for that you can easily resell for a nice profit. 

  1. Shirts  –  Golf-style (polyester) do the best. Used is okay but “New with tags” is best. 
  2. Jackets  –  These are the best!
  3. Vests  –  Sell very well.
  4. Pants  –  Also sell very well.

Bonus Tip:  Look out for the vintage items. These are, by far, the best and you can make really nice profits if you happen to find one. 

How much does FedEx clothing sell for on eBay?

Let’s take a look at a few examples of the jackets, vests, pants, and shirts:

Final thoughts

I bet you never thought of the possibility of reselling the FedEx brand clothing. I know I didn’t. But I sure am glad I took the time to look up the completed listings that day because now I can buy up the FedEx items and resell them from now on.

Still not interested? Great, more for me! Happy picking!