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Can you make a profit buying and reselling Eton Dress shirts on eBay?

That’s what we’re trying to figure out here. Short answer: You sure can! But let’s dig a little deeper and figure how much can we make reselling thrift store-bought Eton button front shirts on eBay.

I tend to find these quite often actually. I stumbled upon my first Eton dress shirt about three years ago. Luckily I had the patience that day to pull out my phone and use the eBay app to search the completed listing to see if they were actually selling at a decent price.

To my surprise, they were! And I’ve continued to buy them ever since. 

What is Eton?

I hadn’t really ever heard of the Eton brand before because it’s not something I wear myself. I do, however, think their shirts are very nice and good quality from my limited experience. 

So I visited their website to see what they’re all about. Apparently, the company originated in Sweden and they have been crafting shirts since 1928.


So browsed through some of their shop pages and found this:


The brand new Eton shirts are listed at $250! No wonder you can make such good profits reselling the used shirts on eBay.

How much are they selling for on eBay?

Yeah, yeah; so we know that they are super expensive brand new, but what we really need to figure out is how much can we actually make off these Eton dress shirts on eBay?

After doing a quick search looking at the completed listings, here’s what I found:

Not bad at all.

The Eton shirts that were in good condition were all selling for around $50 bucks. And that’s about what mine have sold for in the past too. I can usually get at least $40 but definitely over $30.


So I’d have to say, with an emphatic yes, you can definitely make good profits reselling Eton dress shirts on eBay. Just make sure are in great condition, since it is a dress shirt, the future owner will definitely want it to be in tip-top shape. 

Keep an eye out next time you head off to the thrift store. They appear more frequently than you would expect. I added this item to my list of potential finds and you should do the same.