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Can you make a profit selling Southern Point shirts on eBay?

That’s what we’re aiming to find out in this post. I came across my Southern Point button-down shirt at Goodwill a while ago. The tag was unfamiliar to me so it immediately caught my eye.

As I always do, I pulled out iPhone and did a quick search using the eBay app and pulled up the completed listings to see how well this brand is selling.

Here’s what I discovered:

Over 30 bucks, eh? Hmm, that’s pretty good.

So of course, if an item is selling for that much. I’m always going to buy it without hesitation. I don’t know about you, but the Goodwill in my city decided to jack their prices up a while back. Long-sleeve button-front shirts now cost about $6 I believe. So I’m more hesitant nowadays when purchasing them.

But anything selling for near $40 dollars leaves plenty of margin to make a good profit, so I’m always going to buy that all day, every day. 

What is the Southern Point Brand?

I did a little digging to learn more about this brand and company. It’s fairly new, established in 2009 in the state of Alabama. They boast the ability to create southern-styled shirts high in quality and comfort. 

Personally, I like the look of the shirts but they are loose-fitting for my taste. But that doesn’t matter because I’m not the one buying these off eBay. That’s your future customer’s preference.

Either way, if I can find one at the thrift shop I’ll buy it. 

What about Southern Point Polo Shirts?

While we’re at it, might as well check the completed listings see how the polo-style shirts are selling as well. 

Definitely not as good as the long-sleeve button-front shirts.

In fact, depending on the day, I would probably pass because it doesn’t quite meet the profit number that I usually aim for.

As with most items, the larger sizes are selling for more. So on a slow day (meaning I wasn’t finding very many resellable items), I’d probably go ahead and buy if, as long as it was in good condition. 

Final thoughts

So what’s the verdict? Are the Southern Point shirt worth buying to resell for a good enough profit? The answer:

  • Button-Front:  Yes, absolutely!
  • Polo:  Maybe. If it’s a larger size (XL or bigger) and in good condition, I’d probably get it.

So there you have it. Another day, another profitable and resellable brand to add to your thrift store repertoire. These shirts aren’t super common yet, mainly because the company is new. But you may come across one from time to time, as have I, especially if you live in the South.

You may choose to leave these on the rack. That’s fine, more for me.