Shipping the items you sell on eBay is fast and easy when you use the best poly mailers.

That’s why I created the list below that has the absolute best poly mailers for packing and shipping items for your eBay business. 

When I sell things on eBay, I’m all about speed and efficiency. That’s why it’s so important to ship the items you sell with poly mailers. They save me so much time because, literally, all you have to do is slide the item inside the poly mailer, secure it shut with the peel-n-stick adhesive strip, slap on the label and it’s ready to go.

Fast and easy. 

Poly mailers are lightweight, much more so that boxes, so they will save you money on shipping fees too. And they look very sleek and professional. So, navigate through the list below and find the right poly mailer for you.

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Best Poly Mailers for Shipping Items:

Looking for lightweight yet high-quality poly mailers to ship your items? If yes, Metronic is the brand you’ll want to check out — they make some of the best available on the market right now. It comes in all different quantities but you save money if you buy in bulk. So I recommend going ahead and getting 1000 of them to save money in the long run. Another good thing about these mailing bags is that they are self-sealing, waterproof and durable. 

Speaking of durability, Metronic Poly Mailers are tear and puncture resistant making it your best bet when it comes to withstanding the rigors of shipping. It’s also good to know that you can choose to write on them with a sharpie marker or just stick a label — it’s all up to you! All in all, these poly mailers are sure to work great for your eBay business, so don’t hesitate to hit the “add to cart” button and get things going.

Coming with a perfect mix of grey and white, the PolyShip EXTRA THICK Poly Mailer Bags are just what you need to pack clothing and other items you’re looking to ship to your customers. The envelope mailers come with adhesive strip, as such, you can quickly close your package and ship it right away! You’ll also love the lightweight feel of these mailers and of course, rest easy knowing that you won’t have to deal with added shipping costs.

To sum it up, there’s a good chance that your customers will love the style of PolyShip Supply EXTRA THICK Poly Mailer Bags and that’s huge. Lest we forget, these poly mailers are also resistant to water, punctures and tears — perfect!

The UpakNShip poly mailers come with you to 100 pieces of bright and colorful shipping envelopes that you’re sure to love. And even better, your customers will be delighted to see their goods! Because I mean, who doesn’t love a candy cane? It’s also good to know that the poly mailers are made of high-quality material making them resistant to water, punctures, and tears.

Its pressure-sensitive seal is also a big plus! It even gets better — the envelopes are lightweight and that’s precisely what you need to save big on shipping cost; what more could you ask for? Your customers will love it and your feedback score will appreciate it as well. 

Still looking for something good-looking and sturdy enough to ship the items you sell on eBay? Just check out these poly mailers from PackingSupply! This option gives you the chance to choose from up to four different colors including purple, hot pink, white and blue — cool right? Because who doesn’t love receiving purple packages in the mail? What’s more, the poly mailers are sturdy and the glue on the sealer is strong.

Overall, it’s one of the best poly mailers for shipping eBay items and we recommend take the purple plunge without a second thought!

How about from now on, shipping your items in class and style? ZARE Poly Mailers are exactly what you need to delight your customers. I mean, they literally have zebras and rainbows on them. Come on, now. And you can get them without burning a hole in your wallet. The poly mailers are made of high-quality material, which includes being resistant to water, tears, and punctures. It’s also good to know that poly mailers come with enough space to fit up to three shirts or five pairs of leggings.

Moreover, the envelopes come with self seal flaps and that’s super. Its lightweight design is also a huge plus — you’ll get to save more and as we know, that’s great for business.


So now you know all about poly mailers, and you know that these little mail-bags can save you a ton of time and energy whenever you’re packing up your items to ship to customers. It’s like an easy button for shipping, am I right?

So, navigate through the list above of the absolute best poly mailers and choose the one that’s right for you. I typically stick with the basic grey; it just fits me the best. But if you’re feeling a little frisky, the unicorns and rainbows design has your name all over it. No matter which you choose, they can each be found at an affordable rate on Happy shipping!