It’s important to use some of the best packing tape when shipping the items you sell on eBay.

You’ve just sold some awesome thrift store finds on eBay for nice profits. Now, all you have to do is ship the items to your buyer. To do this most effectively, you will need to make sure you use quality packing tape to keep the item secure during deliver. That’s why below, in this article, we’ve made a list of the best packing tape to use for shipping the items that you sell.

Not only will you find packing tape that is sturdy, reliable, and gets the job done. Also, you can get each item on this from for affordable prices that won’t break the bank. So let’s dive in.

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It’s important to use some of the best packing tape when shipping the items you sell on eBay.

Looking to buy a packing tape that’s way stronger than your regular tape? If yes, be sure to get your hands on Tape King Clear Packing Tape — it’s one of the best picks that’s sure to work great for your eBay business. This multipurpose clear packaging tape is excellent for packing and shipping boxes — it’s also great for protecting envelopes or poly mailers.

The biggest highlight of this packing tape is its incredibly strong adhesive power — it seals seams with just one strip and keeps boxes closed till they reach their final destination.

What’s more, this exceptional product gives you more tape for less — each roll has up to 60 yards of strong adhesive tape! It’s also good to know that Tape King Clear Packing Tape is completely safe to use — your kids can even assist you in packaging your goods and sending them to your customers; yes, it’s that safe! All in all, this is one of the best packing tapes for an eBay business — you won’t be wrong to get yours today!

Next on our list of best packing tapes for an eBay business is the Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packaging Tape. First off, this product is a reliable and trustworthy option as it comes from a brand that’s famous in the market of high-quality tape. This packing tape is incredibly clear, and its adhesive bond provides a perfect and long-lasting hold — there’s absolutely no need for double wrapping!

What’s more, Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packaging Tape can withstand both hot and cold temperatures — so you can rest easy knowing that your items will reach its destination in perfect condition. It’s also good to point out that this packaging tape is designed to meet the postal regulations standard, making it your best bet if you place quality above all else. All in all, it’s a good pick that’s sure to get the job done.

This yet another premium quality packing tape that zips both packages and envelopes perfectly. The Meidong Packing Tape is strong and of course, sticky enough to hold big boxes and every other thing you need to seal for your eBay business. It’s also good to know that the tape is transparent, making it pretty difficult to spot when you’re sealing packages.

For the most part, the package comes with 7 tapes, and you’ll also get to have tools that are sure to make the process a whole lot easier for you. Essentially, the tape has a good adhesive, and you won’t have to go searching for scissors every now and then — the dispenser does all the job for you! We’ll recommend you get this packing tape if you’re looking to get more value for less!

Coming with Frustration-Free technology, the Duck Brand EZ Start Packing Tape is one of the best packing tapes you can get right now. For starters, the tape comes with a powerful adhesive that sticks well regardless of the current temperature. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about splitting and tearing when sealing your boxes and envelopes — what could be better?

It’s also good to point out that the Duck Brand EZ Start Packing Tape meets postal regulations for shipping tape. All in all, Duck Brand EZ Start is your best bet if you’re looking for a tape that offers great hold for every packaging job you need to do.

Finally, if you’re a savvy shopper like I try to be, you may be interested in the Sure-Max Premium Thick Packing Tape. That’s because it comes in a lot of 24 rolls of clear, high-quality tape that is perfect for both home and commercial use. This tape actually lives up to its name as it’s incredibly thick and sturdy enough to get the job done without fail. And it’s good because, as with most items, you save money by buying in bulk.

For the most part, this premium quality packing tape boasts superior low VOC adhesive that keeps the boxes and envelopes sealed even under harsh weather conditions. Don’t know about you but we think this packing tape is worth every penny — you might even end up ordering this over and over again!

Final thoughts

So now that you know and understand the importance of using the best packing tape for your packages, you can navigate through this list to find the tape that is right for you. I purposefully include a variety of different tapes to give you a nice selection to choose from. All the way from flexible tape, to more thick and sturdier tape. Above, you can find it all. I’ve even included a bulk option so that you can try to pay more up front but save money in the long-run.

Find what works best for you and you’re ready to roll! Start selling and start shipping. Your buyers will appreciate their remarkably secured package once it arrives. 

One more thing; be sure to check out my resources page for more of the best tools I use for my eBay business. Happy selling!