About Thrifteo

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Fun fact: I started selling on eBay all the way back in middle school when I sold pokémon cards so I could buy cool things. Doing so, I think, is what instilled this entrepreneurial spirit within me and I’ve been listing items for sale on eBay ever since.

But now, I’ve shifted my focus away from pokémon cards towards thrift store items that I can buy for cheap and resell for massive profits.  

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

This couldn’t be more true, am I right? Over the years through trial and error, I’ve figured out some of the best items that you can buy from thrift stores and resell for a profit. I mean, if people are just giving the stuff away, why not take advantage?

This method has allowed me to consistently sell around $1000 bucks worth per month on eBay. And the good thing is, I only do this stuff part-time as a hobby in my spare time. 

So I created this website as a way to share with you how I do it, which includes:

  • The most profitable items to sell.
  • The best tools to use to get started selling today. 
  • How I operate my eBay business.
  • And many more tips and tricks that I learned along the way. 

My eBay business has really provided a layer of stability over the years on this wild entrepreneurial journey that I’m own. When I have a slow month, I can always count on my eBay business to pick up the slack. If necessary, all I have to do is make a few extra trips to the thrift stores around town, list the items for sale, and watch the money come in. 

All thanks to eBay (and a few savvy thrifting techniques).

The purpose of this isn’t to try to find a way “get rich quick”. My eBay business helps me supplement the income I earn from my other side hustles, provides a nice monetary cushion, and definitely helps relieve stress so I’m not constantly worried about paying the bills. 

And my hope is that you can learn from my successes and failures so that you can reap these same rewards in your life too.

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